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    Multidimensional energy healing package – 3xsessions – 4,5h
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    This package of 3 sessions will allow us to dive deeper together into the multi layers of your energetic blueprints after each session’s recalibration and integration we will be able to access deeper data, process it and therefore activate more organic soul blueprints and recover soul fragments. These are the energetic foundation for manifesting your authentic timeline that includes your mission, abundance, emotional authentic expression, divine union partnership, authentic relationships, deeper connection to your higher self, better health, vitality, feeling inspired and powerful overall. 

     By working directly with Source I access the client’s multidimensional self frequency, which allows me to identify and clear at a deep cellular level any toxic mind programs, any ancestral, past lives or this life time traumatic cellular imprints that affects the person’s DNA and keeps them stuck in living a life out of alignment with their highest potential. This literary means an etheric surgery where I extract the inorganic energy patterns and activate the organic ones that were laying dormant due to traumatic experiences. The organic energy blueprints contain the unique gifts, talents, soul essences and purpose of that person which I will activate so they start generating energy and manifesting shifts in their lives.  This process is done through the use of sounds, light language and living plasma light. By correcting and healing the person’s energy field architecture, they will start recalibrating their frequency to their real self and gradually merging with their organic timeline in their daily life. 

    Expert:  CORINA
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