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    The classes have a strong base in contemporary dance, partnering, floor work, contact, influenced by urban dance, afro, butoh, yoga and acroyogathai.

    Clàudia combines dance with kinesiology, regressions, tarot and shamanism. And although issues of such magnitude are addressed, the classes work with a strong physicality, the purpose is to sweat and take root in the body, the therapeutic thing happens as a consequence since dance, like art, is therapeutic in itself, it is rather a process alchemical, letting things pass through you as an interpreter.

    Improvisation, choreography, individual and collective composition, instantaneous or fixed, are worked on, sometimes using external elements for creation such as text or different objects, seeking to open the body, mind and spirit and leave the comfort zone finding your new paths that are built through working with the other, taking advantage of the enrichment and the luck of being able to share sweat in a group.

    There are usually moments of show up in groups, understanding that the spectator is a testimony that evidences what is happening in an implicit way, being also a participant in what happens on stage. Everyone has something to say, a personal story to share and this, through movement, is worthy of being narrated and thanks to the public having a container in which to pour the content.

    The group is like a train that evolves through a moving path of initiation and Clàudia adapts to its needs and the curiosity of exploration that it expresses.



    Private classes are great for:

    Give a more personalized attention, get a greater investigation, delve into the technique, be able to give a more exhaustive feedback, make a personalized reading of the body, as well as identify the particular skills for which one wants to work and promote. Review weak points and recognize which ones need to be strengthened. To focus on physical preparation, and for much more…

    Enjoy an intimate and unique space where one can open up more easily and evolve more quickly.

    Give them away!!

    Expert:  CLAUDIA
    5 out of 5
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