Sometimes, you just need a guide to help you wade through the complexities of life. You need someone to help you make sense of your life, the people in it, the situations that present themselves, the challenges that can crop out of anywhere, and more.

If you need such a guide, you can connect with a personal development coach in Ibiza and start taking charge of your life. Help them help you. Let them take you through the fog of confusion and into the clarity of sunshine. Let them guide you towards peace, groundedness, happiness, ease, abundance, and joy.

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    1-1 Coaching Session 150.00


    I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a personal development coach!

    I support women in reconnecting with themselves, build their inner strength as they let go of the conditioning, so they can show up authentically and confidently in all areas of their lives.

    I specialise in:

    – positive psychology
    – Mindset (reprogramming belief system through the subconscious mind)
    – Emotional release 
    – Emotional Intelligence
    – Managing emotions (stress, anxiety, burnouts)
    – Mindfulness-meditation practices
    – Inner child and Shadow work
    – Working with Traumas 
    – Fostering better habits 
    – Build self love, self trust and self confidence

    In my sessions you will experience a variety of tools and techniques; cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness practices, somatic experiences, neuro-linguistic programming! 

    Excited to meet you!

    Expert:  SHERINA
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    Discover your inner peace toolbox (emotional coaching)
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    155.00 90 minutes

    Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, anxiety ?

     Do you love to help others, are you a people pleaser? High sensitive, Empath?

    allow yourself to receive support to embrace your inner peace with your  body posture & inner posture.

    Shanti Holistic Wellbeing see you from multidisplinary aspects and empower youu with 14 years experience in health & healing support from medical therapeutic approaches of sportstherapy & dietitian, enerywork, spiritual, ancient wisdom bringing it together through high intuitive using skills, knowledge, emotional wellbeing and spiritual guidance

    Expert:  TERESA SHANTI
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    ENERGETIC & SPACE CLEANSE | Clearing out old Energies // **OFFERING** 120.00 90 minutes


    Everything stores old energies – to lift yourself and your environment this old stagnant energy is gently moved and dissolved through conscious shifts.


    For rooms, work spaces, your house, area and grounds you live on. Especially in cities and in older buildings lie energies inherited and happenings from former years that love to linger ~ sometimes CLEARING + “GHOST BUSTING” is needed.


    All rooms store old energy of emotions of conflicts. They can hold stagnating energy which influence you, as well as your relationship or work dynamics. These can also come through previous inhabitants or ‘metaphysical guests’ which can influence your life force. As it can affect your sleep patterns or relationships.

    Trust your instinct, if you feel like your home needs a refreshment! Not only in renovation make-over terms :)

    Lighten Up!

    Expert:  KAT
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    FREE YOURSELF - On Camera Training
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    220.00 2 hours

    CAMERA TRAINING SESSION for healers, Yogis, professionals and all service which have to go from off- to online!


    *You are a yoga teacher, coach or business owner and you know how to work with your clients, you cherish personal connection and love your job as is.

    *Suddenly there is a camera and all seems to change. You don’t seem to feel confident anymore, you lost your spark, your wit, your joy. You lack focus and worry about your outcome. Just because you now have to do it online, have no-one to interact with and cannot pick up on the group energy.



    🌎Do you wish to uplevel your company’s online output or online teachings?

    🌎Do you wish to get rid of any insecurities arising around having to perform live or in front of camera?

    🌎Do you suddenly lack confidence, eloquence, joy or wit and can’t get over it?

    ⚡️I am offering in person and online camera trainings for all who wish to uplevel their online performances, teachings and recordings.

    If it is for clients or group classes, 

    video recordings or live performances. 


    *for all who wish to get a small introduction into microphone & camera training.

    *I give you tips and tricks how to deal with the technical side of the equipment and your nervousness

    *we discuss thought patterns around releasing tension that blocks your joy, wit and mental sharpness

    *we discuss how to overcome hindering perfectionism and tap into a natural flow of thought, word, soul and body alignment

    *you will receive tips on how to lower your voice, catch your breath, take up your space and time without getting insecure about it

    *I answer your questions on how to deal with audiences you cannot interact with

    …And whatever else I have to pass on.


    This is my offer to you. 🌱

    Reach out if you wish to book me for your Yoga Studio, teams, colleagues or personal interest. ✌🏻

    Soon I will also launch an on demand DIY set for your confidence on screen. 

    Use my experience collected in over 30 years in front of camera, In studios producing and performing, on stages big and small, 

    speaking and singing, 

    doing yoga and playing instruments, 

    leading people far older and far younger than me, 

    on film, live, with script and without, 

    Prepared and unprepared,

    you name it. 



    Don’t be shy to share your true needs and use me and this offer for your personal growth and for MORE JOY in what you love to do anyways – I may not have all the answers or for everything, but I am pretty sure I can give you a good head start to overcome the stiffening insecurities most of us (me too) know and want to get rid of. 


    by Esther Seibt 

    Expert:  ESTHER
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    High Frequency Coaching
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    200.00 2 hours

    High Frequency Coaching

    In this online coaching session you will receive

    *tools, *meditations, *mental and behavioral support to find solutions to the area you seek to expand, release or transform.

    I will make sure to attack the root of the issue and help you build a plan you can follow through, taking into consideration your life circumstances and choices.

    Together we will create a plan you can set into action to live a life of ease, joy and abundance. 

    If it is concerning a *job change, *trauma release, *anxieties, or *basic frustrations in your daily life, or if you need *assistance to follow through with your workload without burning out, or even when the *burn-out has already set into place yet – there is always release.

    I work with all tools necessary, you can wish for specific practices out of my toolbox.

    I am an ICF accredited coach and work under regulations and ethical codes of the ICF.

    As a Yogi and spiritual being I will listen to all and judge none. You are your own release and we will unlock your full potential together. 

    Sessions are between 60 -120 minutes long.

    Expert:  ESTHER
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    Nutrition & Holistic Counselling
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    What’s Included

    Prior to the first live call session, you will receive a questionnaire of open-ended-questions to help to get the process started and will set the tone for the sessions to follow.

    The package includes 3 “session’ calls (Reflect, Renew & Receive) with defined goals for each plus homework at the end of each session, followed by a 4th call as follow-up & Q&A

    A lifestyle plan (an Ayurvedic daily routine (Dinacharya in Sanskrit)  with morning and evening rituals) which will be tailored to you and your personal needs.

    “CUCINA CURATIVA” Liilamaya’s little recipe book filled with easy and delicious vegan recipes for every day enjoyment or to use them during retreats.

    Expert:  LILIMAYA
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    Who am I...
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    Receive a profound understanding of who you are and why. 

    Gain depth and insight to your strengths and challenges. With a clear next step
    on your path.

    Areas we touch upon are 

    • Start of the life (potential)
      – Atmakaraka (Soul path) and Svamsa (important sign for You personally).
    • Mid-life journey – through
      Lagna (Ascendant) and Lagna lord are dealing with life path and which areas we
      are focused on.
    • End of the life – Pada (a
      foot) is a technique where we can see what really makes us happy at the end of
      our journey.

    This is just a few examples what we will talk about in a reading.

    Reading is done in person in Ibiza or online.

    For the reading I need Birth date, time and location.

    Reading involves research work before on average of one hour.

    Please send me inquiries, I will reply typically within 24h.

    About ARE

    My name is Are (pronounced Are – uh), I am from Estonia, and have been living in Ibiza for
    the past few months. The journey to astrology was one that started with some crazy years
    of life, leading me to take an in-depth look inside myself and what my purpose was in this
    life. Having grown up in a bakery and starting many restaurants of my own, but not finding
    my true calling, astrology was the last thing on my mind, having only been exposed to the
    watered-down version that popular culture in the “West” feeds the masses. The single
    paragraph blurbs in the newspapers and magazines that basically say that we are all so
    similar that these generalizations cover who we are… As my travels inward and deeper into
    the ancient wisdom of the “East” continued, I discovered the precise and exact science that
    is Vedic astrology. Delving deeper into the facts about what the universe had in store for
    my life from the beginning and what was to come, everything that had happened and was
    happening all began to make perfect sense. The pains, trials, and craziness that had defined
    my life at times were all literally written right in front of me, and so was the significant
    change that was being created moment by moment in my ever-evolving self. From that
    point, in the spring of 2013, I started to seek out experts in this ancient wisdom with only
    the purest of intents in their studies and learning everything possible. Now after nine years
    of intensely focused study, I have begun to find joy in sharing my knowledge and passion
    with the world, helping friends new and old to experience the same revelations about their
    story written in the stars that I did.

    After the reading You are getting

    • Recording of the
    • Remedial
      measures for healing planets
    • Birth chart
    Expert:  ARE
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    Your Path to Happiness
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    950.00 10 hours

    I help you to find out:

    – What your strengths are

    – What is truly important to you

    – How you can start to do work that really fits your personality 

    – How you can take action steps towards a more happy and fulfilled worklife. 

    You will be guided  through this easy process. We will do 5 online Sessions in which I will help you to unpeel the layers of you and become conscious of your power to take action and be happy.  

    I am a Career Happiness Coach, living in Berlin, Ibiza and Tulum. I hold an ICF certified Coach Education Degree. I have worked in many fields and have coached thousands of hours. I am happy to share my experience and connect to you to help you to be happy, because you truly deserve it. 

    Expert:  NIV NOW
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