Ancient spiritual texts say that the breath is the bridge between your soul and the divine consciousness. It is also a pathway to perceive divinity and merge with the universal consciousness. This is why there is a rich and diverse history of breathwork across cultures and traditions in the world. People have been aware of the powerful role of our breath since times immemorial.

If you are looking to learn different types of breathwork and how you can use them to heal yourself and initiate a transformation, you can participate in breathwork meditation in Ibiza. Our certified experts will be happy to guide you on your journey of evolution.

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    1-On-1 Yoga Science Sadhana: Breathwork · Yin Yoga · Nidra 127.00

    75 Min Private Class · Ibiza or Online

    I have been working in the Health and Personal Development industry for 18 years.

    It has become increasingly clear to me that the right way to approach life is the path of the heart. 

    We need to evolve and expand our field of consciousness to get through these challenging times.

    To change our reality we need to step out of fear; with courage, love and compassion. 

    Starting with ourselves and then being able to radiate that light to our environment.

    Through a personalized practice based on the science of yoga you will achieve:

    * Moderate the prominence of your neocortex (overthinking mind).

    * Paying attention to your body – Reconnecting

    * Listen to your heart

    * Remember who you really are

    * Change the chemistry of your nervous system

    * Reduce anxiety and stress

    * Improve your rest

    * Reprogram your limiting beliefs

    * Heal your somatic marks

    * To live your life in your highest and fullest potential


    * Breathwork 

    * Yin Yoga

    * Yoga Nidra

    * Meditation

    Expert:  FER
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    3 Sessions of Tantra, Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork
    Rated 0 out of 5
    266.00 4 hours

    Transcendent Energies Package
    3 x 1,5 H Private Sessions

    Expert:  KSENIA
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    Breathwork Session
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    88.00 60 minutes

    Expert:  KSENIA
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    PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® : Breath Ritual with electronic music for private groups / 1:1
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    150.00 60 minutes

    PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a Breath Ritual.

    We connect ancient Yogic breathing techniques with the art of electronic music, active guidance and knowledge of contemporary science.

    This practice is not only known from Yoga and Mediation centres, but also from big international electronic music festivals.

    It is the perfect for you  if you are a music lover, open to to experience a highly spiritual practice, that will benefit your wellbeing and elevation of consciousness. 

    Your breath is a powerful portal, time to go on a journey with it.

    Benefits of Psychedelic Breath:

    feel joyful, at peace & deeply connected

    access states of flow & meditation

    reach natural highs & elevated states of being

    silent your inner critic & connect to your higher self

    release blockages, stress & anxiety

    (on a mental, physical & energetic level)

    enhance your creativity & gain new insights

    boost your immune-system & activate your willpower

    Expert:  SILVIA
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