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When you visit popular places like Ibiza, Berlin, Tulum you would most likely be looking forward to night parties, soothing climates, and a chill atmosphere. Of course, you would want to meet new people, experience local culture and have the time of your life.

However, but these places also offer a whole host of conscious events that can help explore, heal, relax, and even transform. From yoga, meditation, and sound journeys to retreats, walks, and more, there is so much to do at these places. So, explore conscious events in Ibiza 2022 in addition to other heavenly places like Berlin, Tulum, etc.



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  • 08/04/2023-29/04/2023
    200H YOGA TEACHER TRAINING – with emphasis on ayurveda
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    Our home is a beautiful renovated private finca, perched on top of a hill overlooking the ocean in PORTINAX, North of the island, in double rooms, ideal for submerging oneself in the studies of Yoga.

    🧚‍♀️ It is possible to pay in several payments 

    🧚‍♀️ school registered with Yoga Alliance

    Student receives a certificate which allows them to register with YA

    €500 deposit (none refundable if person cancels last minute)

    and to reserve a space 🧚‍♀️


    – Our training will be small and intimate, which will allow the students to dive deeper within themselves as well as with the teachings.

    – If you are not able to be physically present, the training sessions will be live on Zoom and recorded.

    – We focus on building the student’s meditation practice from day 1, because it’s all about practice, practice, practice!

    – We love to sing! Mantras and Bhajans are chanted through the course, harmonizing not only the environment but ourselves in the process.

    – Students learn how to start healing themselves and others by applying some Ayurvedic healing principles & techniques.
    – We teach you more than how to become a well-rounded yoga teacher, We teach you to become a Yogi infusing elements of Shamanism, Tantra, Ayurveda & Yoga therapy as well as some basics tools for giving pranic healing utilizing Mama Therapy.

    – Our school is registered with Yoga Alliance and our lead teacher is registered as E-500 RYTs and as YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers).


    Ayurveda and Yoga principles and fundamentals

    Yoga Philosophy

    Yoga History, the VEDAS, the different Yogic paths

    Study and practice of Pranayama, mantra & Japa Mala


    Language of the Bhutas (5 elements and their connection to Yoga and Ayurveda), study for the DOSHAS and how to balance them in the Yoga practice.

    Study of the GUNAS & VAYUS from an Ayurvedic & Yogic point of view.

    Study of the concepts of: AGNI, AMA, DHATUS, KOSHAS, KRIYA, DHARMA.

    Study of Yogic Anatomy & Physiology, how breathing affects posture, PRANA as the link between Yoga & Ayurveda, breathing energetics and pranayama techniques to sooth the Doshas.

    Study of the higher energy Centers: CHAKRAS, MARMA, NADIS.

    The Alchemy of Yoga & Ayurveda: DINACHARYA, KRIYAS, MANTRA, MUDRAS, BANDHAS.

    Ayurvedic nutrition & Sattvic eating.

    Introduction to herb alchemy


    The business of being a yoga teacher (professional development), yoga teacher ethics & code of conduct, lifelong learning, marketing and promotions.

    Yoga Humanities: history, philosophy, ethics.

    Professional Essentials: teaching methodology, class design, cueing, assisting.

    Practicum: knowledge and skills, practice teaching, mentorship and feedback.


    Tuition & Yoga Teacher Certificate upon successful completion of the course.

    Course Manual and handouts.

    3 meals, tea and snacks.








    Monday to Saturday (Wednesdays and Sundays are OFF)
    6:30 | Meditation + Breath work– Daily Inspiration Quote
    7:45 – 9:15 | Yoga Practice – Music & Chanting
    9:30 | Breakfast
    10:30 — Noon | lectures based on the following topics: Yoga and Ayurveda Theory, teaching Methodology, Philosophy, A & P, Lifestyle, Yoga therapy, Ayurveda knowledge, Video Tutorials, Yoga Therapy, Herb Alchemy, Ethics, Code of Conduct, etc..
    12 Noon | Nature walk before Lunch
    13:00 – 14:00 | SEVA, Study time & relaxation,
    14:00 – 16:00 | Lectures. Continuation from the above.
    16:30 – 18:00 | Asana Practice in pairs, students will take turns teaching during this time. We start day 1.
    18:00 | Yoga Nidra-meditation (optional)
    19:00 | Dinner
    22:00 | Bedtime

    “The word YOGA is derived from the sanskrit root yuj meaning to bind, join, attach and yoke, to direct and concentrate one’s attention on, to use and apply. It also means union or communion. It is the true union of our will with the will of God. ‘It thus means’, says Mahadev Desai in his introduction to the Gita according to Gandhi, ‘the yoking of all the powers of the body, mind and soul to God; it means the disciplining of the intellect, the mind, the emotions, the will, which that Yoga presupposes; it means a poise of the soul which enables one to look at life in all aspects evenly.” — B.K.S IYENGAR

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    Breathing techniques & setting new intentions – 1/1 or private group – Ibiza
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    Pranayama & Sankalpa · 120 to 150 minutes workshop

    This workshop aims to let go what you are hanging onto: toxic relationships, unhelpful behaviours, unhealthy habits and other burdens.

    How you breathe determinates your mental and physical health. On the other hand, anatomical and energetic blockages in your deeper tissues affect your emotions and decrease your vital energy (Prana).

    Breathing techniques (Pranayama) are a safe and natural way to quickly affect your nervous system: from survival mode to flow.

    Setting purpose (Sankalpa) is an ancient practice. This workshop develops this tantric forgotten skill.

    Let go everything you need to leave behind. Set your intentions to let the light in.
    Evolving and expanding our consciousness is key to get through these challenging times.
    Stepping out of fear to reshape our reality, with courage, love and compassion. 
    From our inner selves spreading the energy out to the world.
    Be the change you want to see.

    *No experience is necessary, these practices are accessible to anyone.

    Send DM for more info and to set up the date 

    Expert:  FER
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    CACAO CEREMONY – Wednesdays in Tulum
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    For thousands of years ancient tribes have considered cacao as a sacred plant with healing properties.

    Where: hotel zone

    Cacao ceremonies are helpful for getting clarity, setting intentions, and doing healing work & inner-processing. It’s ritual for self renewal that keeps us centered, connected to our hearts, and living in a good way.

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    Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing – for private groups / 1:1 – Ibiza
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    Revered and used for millennia for its healing properties, ceremonial cacao is raw chocolate and so much more.

    A cacao ceremony creates space for transformation and opens us up to love. We come together to share what’s in our hearts and listen to those of others’.

    Each session is tailored to the group and occasion. Meditation, sound therapy and dance are either a dedicated part of the offering or intuitively weaved into the ceremony.

    There’s a whole lot of goodness in cacao – worthy of a research paper, of which there are many. Here’s a snapshot:

    • Serotonin, dopamine, phenylethylamine and anadamide help reduce stress, anxiety and the perception of pain, regulate mood and appetite, keep you alert and focused, and produce feelings of excitement, euphoria, bliss and joy 
    • The antioxidants in cacao counteract the damaging effects of oxidation in the cells, helping to prevent the development of chronic disease, as well as reducing blood pressure and the build up of fatty deposits on the artery wall
    • The Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors serve as effective anti-depressants. Cacao detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and it’s an aphrodisiac
    • And, after all that buzz, it’ll even help you sleep better

      • Sound Journey

      A meditative sonic meditation with Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and percussion

      • Gong Journey

      A relaxing and immersive meditation working with the therapeutic vibrations of gongs and percussion

      • Shamanic Drum Journeys

      I play the drum and help you to go within to find the answers to your questions

      We provide the ceremonies at the comfort of your house or at the secret locations in Ibiza. Please reach out to discuss the date and your preferences. 

    Expert:  ISZABEL
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  • 07/05/2023-10/05/2023
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    Included vegetarian or vegan food – 3 meals per day
    Leela Game ca. 5-6 h per day
    Daily yoga (vinyasa practice, breathwork, chanting) in the morning and in the evening yoga nidra. 

    Leela- the game to transform and uplift your life.

    Leela Game is called Jnana yoga: which means a connection with knowledge and wisdom.

    This game comes from the ancient times and is more than 2000 years old. Leela is based on a Vedic philosophy and gives instruction for us to live the harmonic life by learning and following The Laws Of Universe.

    By playing Leela you will see your life with the eyes of your soul. It is a very honest, deep dive into your deepest parts.
    During this mystical process, I will be guided and receive messages for you from your spiritual guides and teachers.

    This game is a life changer, helping you in a soft way to remember better your inner wisdom and who you really are.
    Leela is coming to your life because you are ready to shift and transform; she will be revealing your answers to all questions inside you.

    After this game your life will be uplifted, harmonious and changed.

    This 4-day life changing retreat provides even more depth in the insights about yourself and will bring you optimal relaxation. Whether reinventing your personal life or professional career, expect to dive deep into your interests, your patterns of behavior, your sources of frustration, and your purpose in the world. You’ll be expertly guided to use the insights you gain as pointers towards a new path. Over these days, you’ll gradually gain clarity for a lifestyle changes aspects as health, relationship, or career purposes.


    • Life changing insights
    • Better knowledge of yourself
    • Relaxation of the body and mind
    • Calm mind
    • Less stress
    • More focus
    • More awareness
    • Energized
    • Being happy

    How to reserve your spot 

    Book here via website or contact one of the facilitators to reserve your spot

    2 p.bedroom – €849 early bird till 1.03
    4 p.bedroom with terrace and sea view – €799 
    Single Kigsize bedroom with terrace and sea view for one person– €1199 after 
    Single kigsize bedroom with terrace and sea view for a couple €799pp till 1.03 – after €849

     Cancellation Policy

    • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price
    • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival

     Retreat Location

    Villa Can Cesar, Carrer Bartomea Tur Clapés, 18, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Illes Balears, Spain

    Can Cesar retreat venue and holiday seaside villa, offers the beauty and peace of its extraordinary location directly on the sea cost. The villa offers the tranquility and beauty of being on the sea with direct private garden gate access to the ocean!

    The sandy beach is only 5 min and the town of Santa Eulalia only 10-min walk. The villa is located in a beautiful garden with a swimming pool and yoga deck. Stunning Derbyshire scenery and beautiful sunrise guaranteed.


    • Babylon Beach
    • Niu Blau, the local beach, is only five minutes away walking along the beautiful coastal path.
    • Santa Eularia town center and harbor are less than a 10-minute walk away, and the supermarket is only 200 meters away.

     How to get there

    • By bus 7 € from the airport
    • By taxi 40 € – 30 min


    During your stay, we will serve healthy food. Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements. All the food is deliciously vegan. Let us know about your dietary requirements before the trip for all catered for fodmap, celiac, gluten-free, and nut allergies. We will have healthy vegetarian breakfasts, homemade lunches, and dinners, as well as coffee, tea, water, and drinks, will be served.

    The following meals are included:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Snacks
    • Drinks

    The following drinks are included:

    • Water
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Soda

     Unique features


    • Swimming pool (outdoor)


    • Rooms with fan
    • Balcony
    • Barbecue facilities
    • Dining area
    • Garden
    • In-room safe
    • Kitchen
    • Lounge
    • Meditation garden
    • Multilingual staff
    • Terrace
    • Yoga deck


    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Laundry
    • Tour assistance

     What’s not included 

    • Airfate
    • Travel to and from the airport
    • Cost of bus/taxi/ferry fares
    • Travel insurance
    • Beach accessories (towels, snorkel, and more)


    ALINA –
    Alina is a Leela guide, currently based in Grimbergen, Belgium, and last  3 years she is guiding Leela game in Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and many other places. She is part of Spiritual village of The Gardens of Babylon and a member of International Leela community – Omkara Leela Game. And a member of Ayanation community. She facilitated more than 500 games online and offline.

    As a Leela guide during the game she is practicing Akashic records, Channeling, Reiki, Sound Healing with crystal bowls and Sadhu practice.

    AGA LUNA –

    Yoga, Breathwork teacher since 2012. She teaches the following yoga styles: Vinyasa, Hatha, Jivamukti. She is passionate about transformation and teaching people technics that support them in managing better their daily life. Furthermore, she is founder of, a platform for conscious experiences in Ibiza, Berlin, Tulum & online.

    What people say

    „This game Leela came to me accidentally, but at the very right time. I heard allot about powerful transformation after Leela. But I was a bit afraid. And only thanks to Alina, during Neurographica session with her, I felt like I want her to be my Leela guide, and I am ready for it.

    I was so lost, I could not make decision what to do with my life. Where to start and how to overcome my anger and fear… and thanks to Leela I broke through.

    It was unforgettable game in a group. We became like family after that game. I would definitely do it again and only with such guide as Alina. Thank you.“Valentina

    „I knew about Leela game. But I couldn’t even imagine how it can effect my personal life . I played with my husband in a group of 4 other players. It was absolutely unexpected process. Alina is an amazing guide with such warm and soft energy. I must say after Leela, I look at my husband with other eyes, and our relationship got to another level.So thankful to Alina! So many things came clear!“Alexandra

    ” I played Leela with Alina more than 3 times. She is not from this planet. We played privately and in the group. It is very different experience. I like it in the group as there is something more, more answers, more stories, more  energies. And more fun. I definitely recommend Alina. She is fantastic guide. ” Julia

    Expert:  ANANDA LOKA
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    Connecting with your Inner & Outer Nature – Group Session
    Rated 0 out of 5

    4 hours group session to release & connect

    Nature therapy offers you the opportunity to spend time with yourself and with nature, as well as to create deep connections in your life. Start from where you are and go as far as you want. In my sessions we go out to be in and with nature. It’s about enjoying it.

    We will breathe the fresh forest air and take a break from our stressful city life for a bit. With selected exercises we take the time to experience and observe ourselves. You will be surprised what thoughts arise, what you learn about yourself and what you can learn from nature. Be curious. True experience of nature cannot be described. It can only be experienced. ​

    We first walk through the forest and then stop and stay at a hidden, quiet meadow or at a spot in the forest. ​

    Call it personal development, call it therapy, call it self-awareness, self-exploration and self-reflection, call it healing art. You decide what it is for you.

    “Here it is not important who you are and what you do in normal life. It’s all about yourself and not what others think, say or ask for. The point is that you can just be without having to be someone. It’s about getting back in touch with you and the elements around you in order to find your way back to yourself and your strength.”

    > Connecting with your inner & outer nature
    > Pause your busy everyday life
    > Safe space to experience & share


    • Good shoes & clothing according to the current weather
    • Something to sit on
    • Snacks & enough to drink

    Walking distance: 2x approx. 30 minutes

    Duration: 4h
    Location: Grunewald
    Number of participants: flexible


    I’m very happy to offer you a CUSTOM SESSION for your group. We set a focus of the session together or you let my intuition guide it. We can also do it at a different location, shorter or longer. Let’s discuss!

    Expert:  KAILO
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    Ecstatic Dance – for private groups / 1:1 – Ibiza
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Iszabel is an Ecstatic Dance DJ who plays internationally. She is available for bespoke sessions for you and your party.

    Ecstatic Dance is a practice like yoga. Some people describe it as a sober rave. It will leave you feeling joyous, connected, and more awake and aware. It works on your health and wellbeing whilst also being a whole lot of fun!

    Iszabel DJs for 2 hours to get you out of the monkey mind and into the innate intelligence of your dancing body. As a former Producer at BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, Iszabel knows good music and combines shamanic beats rooted in the Elements with underground club vibes.

    Meditate, get fit, unravel the mystery of life, feel free and powerful – all by dancing to amazing music! 

    Expert:  ISZABEL
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    I suggest these three accomodations:

    Los Molinos

    Hostal Talamanca 

    Boutique hotel Sa salinas


    4 NIGHTS & 4 DAYS

    Other dates are also possible. Ask for availability

    ART MATERIALS: All materials included

    ACCOMODATION & FLIGHT: Not included

    WHEN: I’m happy to provide you with further information and help you to book your retreat. Just contact me to select the days that best suits you and to talk about how I will design the program accordingly to your needs. 


    Would you like to have a liberating, healing and empowering experience ? Do you know how you can release your stress, anxiety and negative emotions though meditation, music & art practice while activating your own self-healing & transformative power? Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel lack of clarity about your purpose in life ? Do you feel disempowered, with low self-esteem or doubting your self worth? Have you experienced a difficult time in your life and would need expert advise on how to overcome it? Have you lost a loved one or split with your partner and don´t know how to overcome this emotional pain? 

    I have guided hundreds of people in the same situation, as well as guided 9 retreats teaching about emotional wellbeing. I can design a 4- day retreat focussed on your personal healing with different activities in order for you to overcome this difficult time in your life.


    I count with more than 20 years of research & experience in the field of art & 10 years in the healing field,  I’m  the author of the book “The radiant woman, a path to reconnect with your true essence” and the creator of “High vibration art” style,  where you can access higher states of consciousness and a deeper level of understanding about yourself while you create art.


    • In this healing & transformative retreat, you will experience 3 days specially designed for you, through creative coaching that incudes regressive therapy, systemic therapy, family constellations, art therapy, free movement, medicine music & meditation to:
    • Release your pain, negative emotions, 
    • Know yourself deeper, reconnect with your real identity and acknowledge the more joyful and luminous version of yourself. 
    • Heal your past trauma experiences
    • Reconnect with inner joy
    • You will experience the power of art to imprint your subconscious mind with empowering  information to improve your wellbeing, self image and self esteem.
    • You will learn how you can express yourself creatively, activate your creative skills to manifest the best version of yourself with no need of previous experience in the art or dance or meditative practice.
    • You will improve your self esteem & empower yourself.
    • You will be able to release stress, anxiety and inner blockages 


    Please write me if you have any other questions. Happy to host you on our magical island. 

    Expert:  CLARA
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    Gong for your private event 800.00

    Expert:  KONSTANTIN
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    Healing Fusion Group Experience
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Holistic well-being experience.

    Retreat at your own residence with a Yoga class followed with a conscious hypnosis session.

    This experience is suitable for groups up to 12 persons.

    Duration 3 hours.

    You choose if you want an active or passive yoga class.

    The healing fusion experience will give you time and space to dive inwards and nourish your inner being, a perfect way to start the day together as a group or take a time out from the island to tune into the light of your soul.


    • 75/90 min. Yoga class.
    • 15 min. Relax
    • 60 min. Conscious Hypnosis 
    • 15 min. Closing with a chat to share the best Ibiza tips and recommendations for your stay.
    Expert:  CAMOMILLA
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    Enjoy a Balm
    of Sound for Body, Mind and Soul. 
    – private or
    group session-  

    You will reach states of maximum relaxation,
    you will travel through the Universe within you, you will feel the magic that
    is in you (and in Everything) and you will connect with your primal heartbeat.
    A whole experience of non-duality: pure connection with the Cosmos. You will
    return from the Journey totally balanced.

     A unique
    Sound Journey, performed with very powerful healing instruments: 4 RAV Vast
    (with sound between Hang and Tibetan Bowl), Gong, Shamanic Drum, Koshi Bells,
    Flower of Life Tuning Fork, and more…

    The session
    can be instrumental only, or I can lead a meditation while the music flows.

    Why choose
    me? Besides my experience, because I am dedicated to my Life Mission from the
    Heart: to bring, help and heal through Music. It is the work I have come to do
    in this Life with more Love.

    Thank you!

    Expert:  RUBEN JONES
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  • 16/09/2023-23/09/2023
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Come and recharge in one of the most beautiful places in the world. A reset is so much more needed now after the recent challenging global events so join us on this powerful healing island.

    During this transformational week, you will go back to basics and gently learn how to reset your life balance through yoga, meditation, and anti-stress breathwork alongside other exciting activities.

    Food is life, what we eat directly impacts every aspect of our health. This retreat has a strong focus on nutrition with personalized nutrition included for every guest & a nutritionally designed delicious plant-based gluten-free menu.

    We invite you to join us on this incredibly transformative week. We trust that our combined years of experience and passion will deliver you the most beautifully nourishing experience straight from our hearts and souls.


    Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, General Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Nidra Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga

    Skill Level

    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


    Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw, Organic, Dairy-free, Sugar conscious


    • The ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature
    • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life
    • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace
    • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature
    • What Makes This Retreat Special

      This is more than just a yoga retreat, this is a healing transformational week to help destress, detox & re-balance your body nutritionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, helping your soul to shine.

      Throughout the week you will have our undivided attention, love, care, support, and guidance.

    • Food

      The overall nutrition theme for the retreat will be to improve gut health with lots of ferments, kombucha & other delights to ensure our tummies are happy.

      You can look forward to fresh locally sourced ingredients, living nutritious foods, yummy juices and vibrantly delicious dinners all made with our magical secret ingredients: passion and love.

      As a qualified nutritionist, Mays will personally design our nutritionally balanced gut nourishing menu. She will be available to answer any nutritional queries you may have about the meal plans throughout the retreat and during guests’ individual consultations.


      Mays has been teaching and studying yoga for the last 10 years spending years traveling and learning deep spiritual practices from enlightening masters around the world.

      As well as teaching ashtanga, rocket, vinyasa and yin yoga styles, Mays is also a reiki master and offers deep yoga nidra meditation and pranayama teachings.


      Over 20 years practicing, teaching & facilitating. Experiencing and experimenting through different spiritual traditions, styles and practices. Scarlett has had a school teaching yoga to thousands of individuals over the last 15 years and transforming their lives so that in turn they can transform others as teachers spreading the light.

      Personally trained by Godfrey Devereux – Dynamic Yoga, Larry Schultz – Ashtanga & The Rocket, Agama – Hatha Yoga & Tantra

    Moderate Cancellation Policy

    • 100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before retreat start date.
      7 days / 6 nights


    Expert:  MAYS
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  • 20/05/2023-26/05/2023
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Twin sharing rooms in villa x 6 rooms available


    Come and recharge on one of the most magnetic islands in the world.

    Wouldn’t some time out to unwind and totally relax be divine? 

    Join us to get away from it all and help your soul shine on the infamous white island, to retreat and nourish yourself in our magical villa in paradise surrounded by nature. 

    A chance to switch off from responsibilities and unplug from day to day stresses, putting a spring back into your step. 

    This transformative week will help you find the reset button via an exploration of ‘balance’ in all its aspects.  We will be embarking on experiences of yoga and breathwork, through to a range of uplifting and relaxing activities and most importantly nourishing ourselves with delicious nutritious gut health themed plant based food.  We will be rebalancing the body and mind connection through movement and the flow of breath, reconnecting our inner worlds to the world around us. Through our daily asanas and body work we will strengthen and realign our bodies. And through gut healthy nutritiously designed food & individualised nutrition assessments we will allow the flow of energy to both cleanse and rejuvenate our digestive systems. 

    This is more than just a yoga retreat, this is a healing transformational week to help destress, detox & re-balance your body nutritionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, helping your soul to shine.


    We Mays & Scarlett will hold space for you throughout the retreat inviting you to move into a safe, effective and therapeutic yoga practice. Tapping into the transformative energies that the island of Ibiza offers, we go back to basics and engage with the opposing elements of masculine & feminine, yin and yang, sun and moon, heating and cooling. Working to synchronise movement with breath we invite more harmony and balance into our bodies and souls. If yoga is quite new to you we will make sure you can access the postures with modifications suited to your level and if you are a long time practitioner we will give you some extra coaching to take your practice to the next level. 

    We will start every morning with a Dynamic Yoga Practice based on elements from ashtanga vinyasa to activate your physical and energetic bodies. Using breathing techniques such as pranayama and meditation, we will support you to balance your physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies. Most importantly we will ensure that the morning sessions are a fun way to engage with yourself on many levels, experimenting with different styles of yoga.


    In the afternoon we enjoy a different flavour of relaxing practices that allow us to tune into and balance our emotional and mental levels.

    Meditative yin and hatha sessions are your invitation to slow down and cultivate a loving and gentle attitude to yourself. Throughout the week we will explore practices that open and release at the level of the heart centre. Taking time to tune into how and what we are feeling whilst cultivating more appreciation and gratitude towards ourselves. 


    The evening practices will be a beautiful and nourishing time to integrate the experiences of the day into our system helping to send us off to a blissful sleep.

    Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a very special practice in which we introduce the seeds of change into our subconscious to support positive and beneficial transformations. If there is some habit or addiction that you are working to eliminate from your life, this practice could be the key to long term change and healing. Research has proven that yoga nidra practises can help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, improving sleep and mood disorders. 


    This retreat is all about addressing individual needs on all levels with nutrition being a hugely important aspect. As a fully qualified Nutritionist as well as yoga teacher Mays will provide every guest with a 30 minute nutritional consultation. Whether you have digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, stress, anxiety, insomnia or any other chronic conditions, every guest will receive personalised nutritional advice to help learn how to make long lasting lifestyle changes, regaining vitality, with tools to take home to move towards living life the Healthy Mays way. Mays will also hold group nutrition talks to explain her top tips for health and vitality.


    With over 20 years of training and experience as a holistic therapist Scarlett will be offering each participant a 30 minute holistic massage session. Trained in many different healing techniques and disciplines Scarlett is skilled in a range of different treatments.  Whether you have a specific injury or you simply want to destress Scarlett will give you a wonderful session of healing according to your needs.


    Food is life. What we put in our body directly impacts on our health and wellbeing. We will be eating healthy, plant based, gluten free, nutritious meals that will replenish and invigorate, filling us with energy and increasing our life force. 

    The overall nutrition theme for the retreat will be to improve gut health with lots of ferments, kombucha & other delights to ensure our tummies are happy. You can look forward to fresh locally sourced ingredients, living nutritious foods, yummy juices & vibrantly delicious dinners all made with our magical secret ingredients: passion and love. 

    Mays will personally design our nutritionally balanced gut nourishing menu with one of Ibiza’s most sought after chefs Davide Munerato (trust me his food is divine – check out his book here). She is happy and available to answer any nutritional queries about the meals throughout the retreat and during guests individual consultations & of course all dietary requirements will be catered for.


    The ‘white island’ is simply enchanting and glowing at the end of the seasons in September. The beaches are heavenly & less crowded, the water is warm and the island has an atmosphere of peace away from the busy-ness of the summer months. We invite you to receive the transformative power and high vibrations of the Scorpio island, supporting your personal journey in a space of openness with us looking after your every need.

    Lalita is our beautiful sanctuary, located North of the magical island in the womb of Portinatx, surrounded by the most magnificent mountains and close to Ibiza’s wildest most secret beaches and best hiking tracks. Don’t miss these pristine local beaches: Cala Xarraca, Cala Xuclar Cala d’en Serra, and Aguas Blancas. All beaches are surrounded by Ibiza’s natural beauty and here you can find small coves with transparent paradisiac waters.

    The villa itself has the most peaceful healing energy, you really feel like you have escaped from it all with total stillness and serenity in stunning nature and mountains with nothing but the sounds of birds singing around you. It is very common for lifelong friendships to blossom during Samadhi Soul retreats due to the positive energy & magical vibrations of our stunning retreat venues


    Our retreat schedule allows plenty of time for everyone to explore the abundance of gorgeous local beaches, enjoying stunning island nature hikes, a special sunrise or sunset trip, Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, a wonderful heart opening healing cacao + sound sound meditation/gong bath, and many more delights that the magical Island offers.​


    08:00 – Morning Dynamic ashtanga yoga 

    10:00 – Body, mind and soul nutritionally nourishing brunch by our incredible chef

    11:30 – Time for swimming, relaxing, treatments, pampering and group activities

    17:00 – Afternoon meditative yin or hatha yoga 

    18:30 – Body, mind and soul nutritionally nourishing dinner by our incredible chef

    20:30 – Evening relaxation practise to help send you off to a blissful sleep

    We invite you to join us on this incredibly transformative week. We trust that our combined years of experience and passion will deliver you the most beautifully nourishing experience straight from our hearts and souls. Throughout the week you will have our undivided attention, love, care, support and guidance.

    Shared Occupancy –  1799 euros

    Deposit 860 euros  

    Single rooms in villa x 2 available

    Single Occupancy  – 2699 euros

    Deposit 970 euros

    Expert:  MAYS
    0 out of 5
  • 29/04/2023-07/05/2023
    Ibiza 8 Day Retreat: Chakra Balancing Yoga Journey
    Rated 0 out of 5


    29th April – 6th May ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    Do you want to bring more joy into 2023 and connect back to your true essence and inner peace?

    From only € 1442 for 7 nights in paradise, all incl.

    A retreat like no other, that gets to the very core of your being.

    Experience the power of yoga, deep connection, ancient wisdom and self-exploration in this transformative experience.

    With lots of love and laughter on the way we will journey through each chakra, connecting deeper to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

    Held in a breathtaking sunset villa with infinity pool & rose quartz sauna our private chef with nourish our bodies with delicious & nutritious chakra aligned food.








    Our community of like-minded souls will guide and support you on a journey of self-discovery, healing and health that will leave you feeling inspired to be the best version of yourself. 


    • Chakra-focused immersive experience
    • Daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama session
    • Ecstatic dance, breathwork, NLP, and sound healing
    • Paddleboarding to Ibiza’s best secret caves
    • 7 nights all inclusive in a luxurious sunset villa with an infinity pool
    • 3 delicious nutritious meals per day
    • Hikes and adventures in nature
    • Scented Rose Quartz Sauna
    • Unlimited teas and water

    Skill level

    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced

    Yoga styles

    • Power
    • Vinyasa
    • Yin
    • Restorative
    • Nidra
    • Chakra


    Check-in Time:


    Check-out Time:


    Group size: 8-20 participants

    Airport transfer available:
    Ibiza Airport (€ 34 per person)


    •  Sauna
    •  Swimming pool (outdoor)
    •  Dining area
    •  Fireplace
    •  Garden
    •  Yoga deck

    A luxurious sunset villa nestled in the hills above Cala Comte and Ibiza’s infamous sunset coast. The property is expansive and includes an infinity pool, rose quartz sauna, fire pit, ceremony space, yoga deck, open fire, seven luxurious and unique bedroom suites, and four unique and enchanting cabins. All rooms and cabins have private bathrooms and are arranged with two single beds and can be changed to doubles or triples on request.

    There are endless hammocks and day beds to relax, unwind and soak up that Ibiza magic. The Villa is the perfect mix of modern luxury and rustic charm with bougainvillea sprinkled all around and the sweet smell of almond blossoms, you will never want to leave this paradise.


    The seven chakras are the main energy points felt throughout the body and each one is connected to a different physical area and associated with a specific set of emotions.

    Under or overactive chakras can have a negative effect on the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

    Understanding how to connect, align and balance these energy centers is a powerful tool for self-discovery, empowerment, and healing.

    When you are balanced you are open to letting life force (prana) flow through us effortlessly, harmonizing mind, body, and soul.

    As you journey through these 7 days together you will explore this concept by starting each morning with a chakra-specific meditation, invigorating yoga class, and breath practice.

    Using ancient teachings, modern science, Indian philosophy, and ayurvedic practices you will feel, understand, release, smile, laugh, and grow more connected to yourself and each other a little more each day.

    During the day you will have a workshop or activity aligned with that chakra, grounding animal movement, shamanic drum making, creative vision boarding, powerful breathwork, heart-opening tantra, voice activation, mindfulness NLP coaching, hiking, and more.

    Most evenings there will be a soothing restorative practice such as Yoga Nidra, Yin, or a Sound Bath, and towards the end of the week, you will hold a fun kirtan /open mic concert.

    Whether you are a well-seasoned yogi or a complete beginner you are very welcome here and will be guided and inspired by the supportive family and skilled facilitators and hosts.

    Life often begins out of your comfort zone and many guests’ favorite experiences are the ones they felt both nervous and excited to book!

    Sämja wellness Ibiza wants to ensure the retreat is exactly what you need and they also support and understand that that may be alone time or extra care and are always on hand to help. They love to host retreats, hold space and be of service. A stranger is just a friend that you haven’t met yet and the most rewarding part of hosting retreats for Deborah is seeing the unique and lifelong friendships blossom in them.


    Deborah Boyd

    Finding yoga 14 years ago was a personal milestone in my life. A path has seen me travel the world over to experience many different healing modalities. I have attended many retreats as both student and teacher and nothing gives me more joy. I completed my first teacher training in India under 

    Ashtanga master Vijay Amar. My second TTC in Hatha &Yin Yoga and a further 300hr with Ulu exploring many mixed styles like acro and ariel. With over 700 training hours, it has been a journey where I never have, or ever will stop learning, and sharing those learnings has become my life’s biggest passion!

    Katty Heath

    Katty Heath is professional singer/songwriter and sound healer. Alongside a 20 year career in the music industry she developed a passion in the healing power of music +created ‘Find your voice’ workshops holding mantra singing sessions at various festivals + events. In 2019 she travelled to Bali

    to train with Shervin Baloorian, graduate of one of the world’s foremost Sound Healing academies (Tama-Do). Since then she has been providing Sound Meditations + Workshops incorporating her voice as part of the journey, along with her beautiful instruments from around the world.

     Retreat location

    An unbeatable spot to marvel at Ibiza’s world-class sunsets. The villa feels perfectly remote with sea views and bird songs but well located to access the island’s best beaches and restaurants.

    If you like to adventure during your free time Deborah would always recommend a car but there is also a shop and a couple of restaurants reachable by foot. The nearest beaches can be reached within a 5 minutes drive or a 25-minute walk.

    DM me to here more about all the exciting things we have planned, xxx
    1442 € – bed in shared suite (3 beds) external bathroom
    1557 € –  bed in shared suite (3 beds)
    1673 € – bed in shared suite (2  beds) 
    2769 € – single occupancy

    Cancellation Policy

    A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.

    The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

    The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.

  • -33%Limited
    Ibiza Ecstatic Dance
    Rated 0 out of 5

    🗓 On  Sunday, at 12:00-15:00, San Rafael


    PRICE ON THE DOOR: 30 € 

    ✨What to bring with you:  
    bottle of water.

    Free Dancing  movement is very powerful  to release all stored tension and shakes stress all off, dancing  like nobody is watching.

    In this safe sacred Ecstatic dance temple you will connect and empower your beautiful heart. Following with the dance, this will help you move out of the head attention into the body and your heart.

     I feel very exited to play for you the next ecstatic dance event ‘El Camino del Corazon’. See you on the dance floor, all loving and beautiful souls.


    Expert:  IGOR
    0 out of 5
  • 04/04/2023-
    Ibiza Movement Medicine
    Rated 0 out of 5

    A Movement Medicine session
    in Open Space, Santa Gertrudies, Ibiza

     Tuesday, 17:00-19:30

    Movement Medicine is a DJ-led facilitated embodiment practice combining ancient shamanic wisdom with modern psychotherapy. A bit like Ecstatic Dance, a bit like a Yoga class, with an unique expression of its own.

    Hi dear dancing souls

    We’ll be working with the Elements and Yin-Yang energies to explore and land your dreams for this year.

    We dance with the Chambers of the Heart to transform:

    💚 Fear into Awakening

    💛Joy into Gratitude 

    💙Sadness into Surrender

    ❤️Anger into Integrity 

    💜Compassion into Grace 

    Expert:  ISZABEL
    0 out of 5
  • -
    Ibiza: 4 Day Healthy Healing Happy Private 1-on-1 Retreat with Yoga & Coaching
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Do you feel stuck, down, burnout ?

    Maybe you need a well deserved break in nature!

    This can be your home and view for 4 days. 

    Scarlet will take you out into the abundant beautiful nature of Ibiza. Daily you will explore different parts of the island hiking, doing yoga, meditations, coaching and guidance and have lunch in different spots.

    You will feel refreshed, reconnected to yourself and ready to implement changes into your life. Ibiza is beautiful in winter with 300 days sun and serene vibes.

    This 4* hotel has a spa and is walking distance from liveliness as shops and restaurants. For 3 nights I book you a sea view room with breakfast and coaching.

    You can come by yourself, or with a friend (or group) or a family member.


    • Writing and journaling
    • Coaching and guidance
    • Walks and sightseeing on the island
    • Daily yoga, meditation, and mindfulness
    • Breakfast and lunch
    • 3 nights sea side accommodation

    Skill level

    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced

    Yoga styles

    • Hatha
    • Power
    • Yin
    • Restorative
    • Zen
    • Yin Yang

    4 days with instruction in English

    The organizer also speaks: Dutch, French, German, Spanish

    Group size: Maximum of 15 participants

    Airport transfer available:
    Ibiza Airport (€ 30 per person)



    ·        Swimming pool (outdoor)

    ·        Air-conditioned rooms

    ·        Barbeque facilities

    ·        Kitchen

    ·        Luggage room / storage

    ·        Terrace

    ·        Free parking

    ·        Free Wi-Fi

    ·        Ironing / ironing board

    ·        Laundry

    ·        Wireless internet

    ·        Outdoor shower

    During the retreat, you will stay in either a double room in Cala Azul or room in a private villa, both very close to the host’s location.

    The program will be custom made for you. If you are stuck and need clarity for a new direction you will have more ‘walks and talks’ and Yoga Healing Happiness will help you to find your truth. If you want to get an energy boost you will work on your energy level by doing sports and get good energy. If you are looking for peace and balance you will do a lot of meditations and connect to nature. If you are looking for some adventure and you want to discover the true Ibiza

    Yoga Healing Happiness will show you some nice places around the Island. It’s all about good and new experiences in nature. And depending on workshops or activities organized by third parties on the island; if something of your desire is being organized you can join that. Yoga Healing Happiness knows many people who offer a variety of services and they can help you with almost anything you would need or want.

    You will have a healthy lifestyle, being away from your normal life and connecting with nature and yourself is very healing and you will connect to the journey to happiness. Scarlet Nayana is a masseuse as well, if you feel like receiving a deeply relaxing oil massage you can book a massage with her (optional). She also has a wonderful bio-resonance device where she can treat you in areas such as mental physical and emotional wellbeing, energy, sleep, sport, and beauty.

    Example program

    • 09.30 Detox tea and smoothie
    • 10.00 Yoga
    • 11.00 Breakfast
    • 12.00 Hike, guided meditation
    • 14.30 Lunch
    • 15.30 Free and me-time
    • 18.30 Dinner
    • 19.30 talks, guidance or an activity
    • 21.30 Free time and sleeping

    Scarlet Nayana will take you to beautiful spots in Ibiza to do yoga, meditation, and walks. Also if there is a nice workshop on the island that you want to join she can go with you to do that workshop together. An example of a workshop can be breathwork, ecstatic dance, sound journey, voice activation.



    Scarlet has always been interested in the wellbeing of the body, mind, and soul. When she found herself in burnout in 2016 – not being happy anymore with the life she lived – she changed from a salesperson in corporate life into an independent yoga teacher, masseuse and retreat organizer. She decided to devote her life to the wellbeing of others. She followed many trainings, workshops, and courses out of passion because her life is all about feeling good. She loves to share her knowledge and wisdom that she gained on her journey and help you too on your way to a better state of being!

    Cancellation Policy

    • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
    • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

  • -
    Rated 0 out of 5



    In the first step we dedicate ourselves to your color personality. Together we will find out which colors make you shine. With the help of over 130 colors you will recognize the different effects of the colors on yourself. You will see which colors in which combination look good on you and which colors tend to make you disappear. Like in a recipe, we will record all ingredients and characteristics of your color world on the basis of three parameters (light value, intensity and temperature). Your individually designed color passport is unique and ensures in the future that you always have the right colors in your closet and no more unnecessary bad purchases. Also valid for make-up colors and accessories such as jewelry, bags, glasses, etc.



    In the second step, we dive into your style world together. Which of the four basic style types classic, sporty, sensual and/or natural are you at home with? Which combinations, variations and gradations describe you exactly?

    First, let’s look at your takeaways. Maybe there are distinctive features like a special face shape, sensual lips, a cool gap in your teeth, a cute dimple, cheeky freckles, the wild curl or a charismatic voice. All these little things are valuable accessories of your identity. 

    With the help of over 190 different fabrics, patterns and mood images, we approach your own style themes. Be it the loving tango dancer, the purist aloof or the modern Sherlock Holmes. The world of themes is as extensive as there are personalities in this world. Let yourself be surprised and show your identity.

    After the appointment, I visualize your style themes using mood and example images. This overview serves as a support to understand your style recipe and to get first ideas for the implementation. 


    STYLE WORLD GALLERY (FOLLOW-UP)                                                                           


    In the third step we translate your individual style theme into concrete outfits. We look at your favorite and question mark outfits and identify key pieces of your identity. We lovingly select your heart garments according to your style type. 

    You will rediscover, sort and learn to love your closet. Your style recipe will help you to put together your appearance for different occasions according to your identity. 

    You will go through life more self-confidently and store more sustainably. You will no longer be tempted to make bad purchases, let alone run after trends that have nothing to do with you and your personality. 


    * My studio is located in Berlin. But I am also happy to come to you. 

    Please write me for my available dates and times. 

  • -
    Individual Non-Somatic Guided Tantric Coaching (for Couples)
    Rated 0 out of 5

    For an individual non-somatic guided Tantric coaching session of 1.5 hours with Buzz 
    I offer you guided couple tantric session which include an interview to understand and address clearly the needs, intentions, and questions or concerns of the clients.

    Your uniquely designed program will provide you both with support, training and somatic experiences in the following areas:
    Getting individual needs met within a relationship framework
    Gaining clarity on shared goals and desires
    Identity within relationship
    Emotional awareness and connection
    Intimacy and sex
    Relationship life/work balance
    Rediscovering shared fun and adventures
    Shared financial vision
    Couple shadow work
    Conflict management
    Self worth
    Relational empowerment

    Book my service or write me if you have a question. 

    Expert:  Buzz
    0 out of 5
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