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Coach For Carrer Happiness
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    Become a conscious and happy entrepreneur
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    10 hours coaching and guidance
    Are you tired of your old job and want to 

    • Focus on a journey that goes beyond profit

    • Lead with purpose and identify the true value that is authentic to yourself

    • take your first steps into being an entrepreneur 

    • build-up or continue your self-care practice

    • structure your business to give value and be happy 

    This course helps you to 

    • transition into a new life as a conscious entrepreneur

    • build up good self-care and focus on what’s truly important to you

    • integrate your work into your lifestyle 

    Here is what we will do to get you there: 

    • assess what you want and need to be happy 

    • assess your business model and figure out how you give value

    • help you to create a structure that focuses on your strengths and is applicable in your life circumstances  

    • help you to take concrete action to build you business 

    With this program, you will be able to understand what it needs to create a happy work-life by being conscious, mindful, and happy. You will be supported to take action towards a life of an entrepreneur  

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    The Full 360° Happy Career Assessment
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    Do you want to change careers but are not sure what to do next?

    Do you doubt yourself and want to be more confident?

    Are you  ready to take action but don’t know how?

    The 360° Degree Assessment helps you to   

    • Understand your situation
    • Build up confidence by connecting to your true strengths
    • Craft a Vision for the future
    • Define attainable action steps to move on fast

    It works, fast and simple:

    1. Contact me here and describe briefly:  The Situation you are in and the situation you want to be in.  
    2. I get back to you to make an appointment
    3. We go on a a 90 Minutes Call, in which I will guide you and visualise everything
    4. You leave with clarity and also get screenshots of the complete overview of your situation. 

    I have helped hundreds of clients to find their way. And I am the right coach to connect the spiritual realm with the business world. I am happy to help you get into action and create a happy career. Contact me now, because life is too short to do s**** jobs. 

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    Your Path to Happiness – The Career Transformation Programme
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    I help you to find out:

    – What your strengths are

    – What is truly important to you

    – How you can start to do work that really fits your personality 

    – How you can take action steps towards a more happy and fulfilled worklife. 

    You will be guided  through this easy process. We will do 5 online Sessions in which I will help you to unpeel the layers of you and become conscious of your power to take action and be happy.  

    I am a Career Happiness Coach, living in Berlin, Ibiza and Tulum. I hold an ICF certified Coach Education Degree. I have worked in many fields and have coached thousands of hours. I am happy to share my experience and connect to you to help you to be happy, because you truly deserve it. 

Niv, a Coach for Career and Business Happiness

As a career coach, I am excited to support you in your search for happiness and personal development, so you can grow personally, or create better performing teams. 
In business coaching, I help people to develop their leadership skills, improve teamwork, be more agile, and manage stress better.

In career coaching, I help people to fully understand themselves, where they want to go and how they can build up relevant skills quickly and network efficiently.
If you want to (re)discover your career flow and what do (really) you want. I guide you on this path. 

For me, it’s about fully showing up and allowing my clients to develop their best selves by focusing on their passions and what they truly believe in at their best. 

For over 10 years I have helped hundreds to create happy careers and work environments. I have created a process that gives tremendous value right from the start both for individuals and businesses. 

– entrepreneurs
– students
– people in transition
– people who deal with stress and chaos at work 

“ Niv helped me to dig deep within myself on my journey to fuel the passion and drive in my work and my life.”— STEFANO O.

Create a healthy work -life relationship where your true self blossom. 

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