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Berlin, Germany

❂ Ascended Master Coach
Healing, Meditation
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    Monthly meditations for 1 year
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    Monthly guided meditations for 1 year – 12 audio files

    Now for only 11,11 € per month you get your energetic support for 1 year. Monthly I will send you an audio file with a guided meditation, that I channeled especially for the energy of each month. Each meditation takes 20-40 minutes. The guided meditations are recommended to listen early morning when awaking to create your morning ritual or when going to bed. It is no problem when you fall asleep while listening. Your subconsciousness is still listening and working for you. The meditations can also be used as hypnoses. So there is nothing to do wrong. Just relax and enjoy this wellness for your soul. I integrated some lightful energy work, so that the meditations are working deeper.

    You will have after 1 year 12 audio files, that are yours and that you will keep forever. Make sure to not forward these files – this is not recommended energy balancing wise. I trust you. I hold you. I love you.

    Please make sure to pass the note in check out box which language you choose (available in German or English).

❂ Ascended Master Coach
ℼ Healer|Medium|Channel
✺ Spiritual Speaker
𓇊 Space Holder

Due to a major illness I had at the age of 22, I was allowed to learn how to heal myself. I learned how “unhealthy” circumstances, situations and relationships in life can lead to an unhealthy body, how we are used to suffer on all levels and how to free myself from this. I understood how everything is connected. I began to awake and made actively the decision for a new life, that should be healthier, happier, free and conscious. I started anew. This was my new beginning and a constant process of growth. Since then I regularly meditated and began to channel messages and visions from above. Ascended Masters showed up and I learned how to work together with them. They supported me powerfully throughout my entire life: I got more focussed, healthy, centered, fulfilled, successful, loving, powerful and at peace. I am grateful for all these experiences I was allowed to make and developed a method over the time, that led me through the most challenging phases of my life. I am thankful to pass that on and share all my wisdom and love with you now.  I coach through energy work, soul reading, empowering talks, guided meditations and channeling. Ascended Masters guide me and I get supported by lightful energies of the universe itself, that I choose wisely and use only to the highest best to hold your space.


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