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    Cranio Sacral Therapy – 1,5 h
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    Cranio Sacral Therapy developed in the first half of the 20th century in the USA from osteopathy. It is based on working with the craniosacral rhythm, which is manifested in the fine pulsation of the cerebrospinal fluid.

    How does craniosacral therapy work?

    Craniosacral therapy is an alternative, medical form of treatment and is based on a theory that relies on the flow of our cerebrospinal fluid. Primarily used to relax the central nervous system, it can have a positive impact on herniated discs, hyperactivity, migraines and many other physical ailments.

    Proponents of craniosacral therapy believe that our state of health can be influenced by the cerebrospinal fluid. Through specific manual techniques, the therapist attempts to correct disturbances and restore normal cerebrospinal fluid flow. Imbalances are brought into balance between the skull (cranium) and sacrum (sacrum). This is where the name craniosacral therapy comes from.

    For example, if you have problems with your intervertebral disc, your body can get back into flow with the help of craniosacral therapy and become aware of its resources again. This is because the fine manual impulses that the therapist applies during treatment are intended to activate self-healing forces in the body.

    With great care, attention is not only paid to individual, painful parts of the body. The human being is viewed holistically in craniosacral therapy. Contacts are made mainly in the area of the skull, neck, hyoid bone, thorax, sacrum, diaphragm, pelvis, spine and feet.

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    Ibiza – body energy massage – 1,5 h
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    sport massage

    Sports massage is a special discipline of classical massage, which is specifically designed for the needs of athletes. It shortens the body’s regeneration time after a training session in order to restore performance as quickly as possible. Sports massage is also recommended for people who generally prefer a more vigorous form of massage.

    Massage time varies depending on the part of the muscle to be treated

    healing massage

    During a healing massage, more is touched than just the skin. During the application, a stream of subtle energy flows through the body, reaching the soul in its depths. Life energy is transferred to the body, providing it with relaxation, deep rest and vitality. Gentle massage strokes and mindful touches support the flow of energy in the body. Mind and soul are freed from blockages and recharge their batteries.

    In this massage we treat the back as well as the arm and leg parts. The massage is mainly performed with neutral oil, but can also be enjoyed in light clothing.

    classic massage

    In the classical massage I treat mainly the physical level, in order to cause relief and relaxation there with tensions and hardenings by certain massage techniques. Targeted pressure improves blood circulation to the muscles and removes hardening. Light to strong strokes favor the relaxation of the muscles. The lymph flow is activated. The massage can be called as a full body or partial body massage.

Psychological & emotional support • Life Coaching • Prana Healing • Cranio Sacral Therapy • Osho Active and Passive Meditations • Shamanic Healing Ceremonies • Whole Body Massage

My name is Ioannis Stavros Golemas and in recent years I have been intensively involved in holistic treatment in meditation centers as well as mental and physical health centers in many different parts of our planet.

I know how to guide and activate this treatment at psycho physical and psycho level in each patient according to his personal needs and history

My long experience in the field of human relations allows me to know the way and methodology I have to apply so that the patient can feel joy and will to life again.

My aim is to offer relief at the physical, mental and emotional level.

Relief is achieved through a series of therapeutic massages, healthy diet, ascetic fasts, meditations and exercises that stimulate the inner strength as well as daily faith in the realization of the ideal life the patient dreams of and finally the transformation of his dysfunctional behaviors and habits into healing energy and creativity.

My strong point is to deal with all forms of addictive behaviors and traumatic experiences also using shamanic ancient psychotropic herbs from the Amazon regions.

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